My last blog post highlighted why the automation pod uses Cypress. Since then we adopted Playwright, a story for another time. But who is the automation pod? And why do we call ourselves “automation”? Let’s dive into it!

What is the automation pod?

The automation pod at BuoySoftware is a skilled team comprised of automation (QA) engineers who specialize in automated e2e and integration testing. The pod is the backbone of our commitment to ensuring the quality of our software for all of our customers. By embedding automation experts directly within our development pods, we ensure close collaboration and alignment for every new feature, as well as providing confidence in our pods that existing functionality is unaffected by these new features.

The pod is always seeking new challenges and high-quality solutions to difficult testing problems. BuoySoftware’s iterative nature empowers the pod to focus on the problem at hand, which has inspired us to adopt modern testing tools such as Cypress, Playwright and Detox. These tools as well as our tests run within our CI solution on a daily basis, further cementing the pod’s trust and confidence of our code.

As well as being on a development pod, the automation pod meets and collaborates on a weekly basis to share challenges we’re facing, talk over best practices, and ensure we are always delivering high-quality test scripts.

Why are we called “automation engineers”?

We’ve chosen to refer to our QA engineers as automation engineers instead. This decision was made to avoid potential confusion with the term “QA” commonly used in the blood donation industry. Given the critical importance of clarity and precision in communication, we opted for a term that more accurately reflects the role and expertise of our pod.

PS; we’re hiring for different positions, including a Senior Automation Engineer role!